UĞURMAK UWB Series Wobbler Feeder is a necessary equipment of the crushing and screening process in case the blasted material has high moisture and sticky. The monolithic rollers, which are produced as steel cast, with discs arranged in a triangular form and offset from each other, are the main elements of the wobbler feeder. Shaft is in square form and is connected to the gearmotor by coupling. It transfers this motion to the roller thanks to its square form that receives the movement from the engine. The consecutive rollers move synchronously with one another. Thanks to this movement the compression and friction force formed between the advancing material and the disk parts of the rollers, the mud and sticky particles, thin and / or waste particles, are separated from the material and transmitted to the lower groove of the wobbler.  Unwanted material is removed from the process before it reaches the main crusher.

Since it is in primary stage the body has a durable  structure that can receive large and heavy materials. Ease of use is provided as separate motors are connected to each roller. Installation and maintenance are very simple as wobbler feeder does not have any complex part or assembly structure.

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