UĞURMAK UDK Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers are preferred at the last stage of the crushing and screening process. They have a high production capacity. It successfully performs to break wet, moisty and sticky materials. Moreover, such fed materials get rid of some of the water in the body with the kinetic energy that emerges when it collides with the rotor rotating at high speed. Therefore, the end material is relatively drier. Thanks to these advantages, it is highly demanded for use in the production of sand and gravel necessary for concrete and asphalt production. Depending on the design of the facility, it can be manufactured as mobile, with fixed steel legs, with fixed skid chassis or with front feed.


The crusher body with welded design provides long life thanks to its high strength. As it operates at high speed, it sits on the solid chassis with wedges in order to release the vibration movement occurring in the body of the machine.

Ease of Maintenance

With the hydraulic system located next to the body, the upper body opens easily and provides a quick maintenance process. In addition, there is a control cover on the body for ease of maintenance.

Feeding Chute

Mounted at the place of first impact in the crusher and eases the distribution of material. This way a longlife for rotor components is provided.

Rotor Unit

Upper and lower plates on the rotor keeps it safe from abrasion. Also it contains three line artificial diamonds


  • High productivity, Low energy consumption.
  • Artificial diamond liners agaşnst abrasion
  • Anti-vibration wedges
  • High cubic material percentage
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to the hydraulic hoist.
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of operation
  • Lower noise and evironmental pollution



Closed rotor type UDK Vertical shaft crushers are preferred for crushing all stone types and high abrasive materials.

The inner surfaces of the rotor are covered with cast liner. The exit nozzles have diamonds that show high resistance to abrasion and are easy to replace.

It works on the principle of “Rock on Rock”, that is, hitting the stone to the stone. The material fed from the circular inlet falls on the distribution liner in the center of the rotor rotating at a very high speed. A very strong centrifugal force is applied to the material falling into it thanks to the high-speed rotational movement in the rotor.

The material with a high kinetic energy is transferred to the crushing chamber with very high speeds such as 60 to 80 m / s. In this crushing chamber, the material impacts the collected material in the stonebox. This way crushing is provided and material size is reduced. This ensures that the spare part consumption is low and the efficiency of the UDK crusher is quite high.


Open rotor type UDK Vertical shaft crushers are preferred for crushing light to medium abrasive materials.

Contrary to that of a closed rotor with 4 crusher pallets, the upper part is open and the inside of body is covered with steel cast linings fixed around a certain angle and distance instead of the stonebox.

The fed material enters the machine with the feeding tube and falls on the distributor liner in the center of the rotor and is delivered to the crusher pallets. The pallets accelerate the material and knocks it towards the side liners. The material is broken by hitting the liner and falls into the discharge chute.