UĞURMAK UTK Series Tertiary Impact Crushers are preferred at crushing for medium and low hardness, mostly at tertiary level and can be used as secondary crushers depending on the hardness and feeding size. It produces very fine aggregate which is required for asphalt and concrete production. The rotor can rotate in both directions. The direction of rotation is bi-directional, allowing product to be received in two different gradations without setting changes. In addition, it provides longer life since there will be bi-directional wear on rotor hammers. According to the design of the facility, they can be manufactured as mobile, with fixed steel legs, with fixed concrete legs, with fixed skid chassis.

From the feeding to the exit, the distance between the pendulum liners and the rotor tracks is getting narrower. It performs linear size reduction instead of gradual crushing in other impact crushers. In this way, UTK performs the crushing process by applying impact to the material close to the feeding and crushing with the grinding method towards the exit. This ensures that the amount of unpreferred size product is almost nonexistent.



The crusher body with welded design provides long life thanks to its high strength. On both sides, there are body caps for accessing the whole pendulum and rotor.


Reverse-Side can be used. It shows high resistance to breakage. Self-centered and assembled. Firmly mounted on the rotor body with special wedges. It is fixed with pallet holders against lateral movements. In this way, it keeps its place in all cases.


Manufactured as steel casting. Heat treatment is applied. The parts that may be exposed to wear are reinforced with hard filling welding. There is a ductless flywheel on the opposite side of the machine pulley, which works idle and balances the load distribution. With this idler flywheel, the pulley of the belt can be replaced by replacing the pulley of the machine if needed.

It can work bidirectionally. Wear parts are thus worn evenly. This way, the maintenance period is extended and spare parts cost decreases.

They are manufactured from manganese alloy steel castings with high abrasion resistance. They are produced in pieces for easy replacement and are attached to the body with bolts.

• Pendulum

There are two symmetrical pendulum on the right and left of the rotor. These are covered with crushing lining. It has a geometry design that narrows from the feeding to the exit and offers linear size reduction.

• High Dust Rate

Since the proportion of outsize material is very low, the proportion of fine product is quite high.

• Bidirectional operation

Since it has a symmetrical design, the rotor can rotate in both directions.

This not only reduces maintenance costs, but also provides two different product gradations with a single setting.

• Quick and Easy Installation

• Easy and Safe Maintenance

Body cover on both sides of allow quick access to the rotor and wear parts without the need for any other equipment.