UGURMAK UMY Series are produced with single or double spiral shafts. Shafts are driven by gearmotor and chain gear system. Classifiers are used to purify the washed and water-mixed materials. When the washed material is fed to the UMY series helix, it goes down to the bottom of the chamber thanks to its density and accumulates in this part. Spirals drag this material from the bottom to the exit. In the double shaft type, it carries the material to the center, allowing the particles to contact each other, thus removing any undesired pieces remaining on the particles.
Thanks to its curved geometry, water is not included in this drag and is discharged by flowing through the channels connected to the bottom deposition chamber. The spiral leaves that are in constant contact with the material are protected against wear with replaceable plastic liners.

• High performance
• Easy and simple drive system
• Replaceable plastic helix linings
• Ease of assembly
• Easy to operate

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