mobile impact crusher

Mobile Impact Crusher

The most preferred reason for UĞURMAK brand mobile wheel crushing units is the ease of assembly and disassembly. Temporary furnaces established in project works such as dams, road construction may need to be moved to a different site at the end of the project. In such cases, because they offer ease of transportation, they significantly reduce transportation costs.

Considering these advantages, UĞURMAK has developed a mobile primary unit with a CDK impact crusher to be used in primary stage.

On the unit, there are grill rock feeder and bunker, CDK impact crusher and unit exit belt conveyor. Mobile unit design is available for both CDK1415 and CDK1312 models.

With the help of a tractor, it is possible to transport. In order to facilitate the mounting of the feet during the installation, the chassis is raised thanks to the hydraulic feet on it and the steel feet are mounted and fixed on the ground.