HACON series cone crushers combine high capacity, best product shape, easy automation, low operation costs, long operation life, reliability and flexibility to provide you the highest level of profitability.

Hydraulic pistons around the body ensure connection between the top and bottom body in order to prevent product leakages during crushing operation. In addition, these pistons detect the area with excessive force, go idle only on that area to allow metal pass and prevent product leakage on other areas that continues normal crushing operation in order to prevent damage to the machine and system when metal enters the crushing vessel. Again, the crushing vessel can be empties by lifting the top body up after power cuts thanks to these pistons.

HACON series with conical pulley and axial bearing system operates with less friction compared to cone crushers with bronze bearings, thus ensure the use of more energy from the motor in crushing operation and easy operation of the motor. Axial bearings with conical pulleys used are more resistant to dynamic loads created during the crushing operation and ensures longer life of bearing system.

Top body adjustment system with hydraulic reducer connection ensures easy adjustment for required product range. It also ensures the gap adjustment (CSS) to be fixed thanks to the lock pistons on top body.

Replacement durations and assembly-disassembly operations of top and bottom mantles are minimized thanks to the special design. Therefore we have minimized the time loss and increased your production costs.

All controls and movements of the machine are performed with a single button by using advanced technology in automation group. The operator can see and adjust the lubricant level, temperature, pressure, current values, opening gaps (CSS) from the touch screen in a few seconds. Safety warnings are also included in automation in order to ensure the machine to detect the damage in case of emergency, to take required measures and to prevent great financial losses.

Anti-spin is used in order to prevent damage of released forces during crushing operation to drive groups.Life of operating parts are increased to ensure longer operation duration.