UĞURMAK UMBB Series Vibrating Feeders are positioned in the intermediate stock points, at the exit of the silo or bunker where the material is stocked, in order to ensure continuous feeding of the machines at all stages after the primary crushing stage in crushing and screening processes.

In order to ensure the belt rollers to move in harmony, the speed of the rollers is set equal to the speed of the belt. The rolls are made of steel pipe. Ball bearings are used to reduce friction. The drive drum, tension drum, flat carrier rollers, side rollers and return rollers are used in the belt conveyor of the belt feeder.

It consists of drive drum (connected to drive unit), return drum (connected to stretching device), upper and lower roller, guide roller, tensioner system, motor and steel construction.

• High capacity

• Ease of maintenance

• Ease of installation

• Ease of transportation

• Ease of operation

• Long lasting

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