Apron feeders can operate horizontally or at an incline. In general, an Apron Feeder consists of overlapping abrasion-resistant pallets that are fastened on the chain with bolts, working like a conveyor. These chains, to which the pallets are attached, are driven by chain gears located on both sides.

Higher inclination further ensures building compact facilities, reducing the length of the feeder, and keeping investment costs low.

Apron feeders are a reliable solution for effectively feeding wet, sticky, dry or abrasive ores and materials of different sizes and densities.

Apron feeder’s diversity can be found throughout the mineral processing circuit fitting different applications with robust designs and high uptime for a more efficient operation. Apron feeders are built for reliability and performance in every task needed in mining. Thanks to its robust design, our Apron Feeders are a truly economical and reliable method of material handling to increase uptime and overall efficiency. Apron Feeders are manufactured in special sizes according to our customer’s request.

All of the pallets of UGURMAK UPB series Apron Feeders are produced from abrasion-resistant casting. The design of their pallets allows even sticky material to move rapidly. Worn-out pallets are fixed with bolts and their disassembly and assembly can be completed in a very short time. Cast alloy can be specially designed for the customer based on the abrasive properties of the fragile material.

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UPB 1245 UPB 1255 UPB 1280 UPB 1545 UPB 1555 UPB 1580
Genişlik x Uzunluk 1200×4500 1200×5500 1200×8000 1200×4500 1500×5500 1500×8000
Kapasite / Zincir Hızı 4m/min (13 ft/min) 335 335 335 415 415 415
Kapasite / Zincir Hızı 6m/min (20 ft/min) 500 500 500 620 620 620
Kapasite / Zincir Hızı 8m/min (26 ft/min) 670 670 670 830 830 830