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Before learning about the many types of crushers, it is important to understand what a crusher is and for what you can use it. Large boulders are broken down into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust by a crusher. 

In order to reduce very massive rocks and boulders to smaller bits, crushers are useful in the mining and construction industries. Additionally, crushing equipment is useful for various tasks.

This includes removing asphalt for construction or demolition operations, from small jaw crushers that cost the same as a new vehicle to extremely massive cone crushers. These cost millions of dollars; crusher equipment exists in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

With so many options, you’ll want to confirm that the one you select has the strength and aptitudes necessary for your particular project. Most of the time, having a crusher at your disposal can save you a lot of time and effort.

Due to the fact that you won’t need to physically crush items as much. They are, therefore, a priceless advantage for anyone who needs to rapidly and effectively crush materials.

Stone Crushers

Rock crushers are vital pieces of machinery necessary for mining, demolition, building, and recycling industries.

  •         Obtaining the right-sized material for mineral extraction, aggregate, ballast, etc.
  •         Sizing down excavated material so that it can be transported and stored
  •         Getting ore ready for further size reduction or preparing other materials
  •         Sorting mined material according to its size or mineral content

Because there are so many different reasons to crush rock, the machinery necessary to do so has become specialized. The content of the feedstock and the nature of the completed product will determine which machine is best for your quarry, mine, or processing facility. 

Both jaw crushers and hammer mills employ various techniques to reduce large rocks to smaller ones. Moreover, they have a unique design specifically for those roles.

Jaw Crushers

The V-shaped jaw of this crusher receives a lot of material, which you can easily compress by compressive force. While the other side of the V swings against it, one side of the V stays still. It produces a crushing motion as it derives the material from the wide V opening to the V’s narrowest point. 

In addition, the large-scale, powerful gear like jaw crushers consists of cast iron or steel. Jaw crushers, which are now basic equipment, have a function in the sector. They are frequently used to turn rock into irregular gravel.

Applications For Jaw Crushers

The initial stage of rock crushing is frequently done in order to reduce large feedstock boulders to sizes suitable for conveyors because they can handle big batches of a range of hard and abrasive materials like granite, asphalt, iron ore, glass, and porcelain.

Jaw crushers are effective to use for this task. With a moving die plate, i.e., similar to a person’s lower jaw, jaw crushers squeeze the material. This happens until it breaks against a fixed plate, i.e., similar to a human upper jaw. 

Compact jaw crushers can reduce 400-square-inch and bigger stones to manageable 34-inch to 312-inch pieces. The optimum size for further size reduction and shaping in compact quarry spaces and building sites.

Applications For Hammer Mills

Hammer mills operate by striking rock with blows from blunt tools that you need to mechanically derive. This is much like how you would crush a walnut with your dependable ball peen. 

Hammer mills are useful for overall reduction, glass, tile, and ceramic recycling, among other uses. This is on brittle, low-abrasive feedstock as the primary crusher. Moreover, they are frequently useful in secondary crushing as well. 

Pre-crushed rock, particularly sedimentary rock like limestone and sandstone, and recyclables often break down along their natural fault lines by the impact of the mill’s hammers. These breaks tend to produce more cubical forms from the main crusher’s more oblong output. 

In addition, this also increases the rock pieces’ surface areas. They also tend to shear off sharp edges. There are many authentic places where you can get hammer mills and jaw crushers. One of them is Stone Crusher Machine Manufacturer online. 


Although jaw crushers and hammer mills serve different purposes, they frequently perform best when you use them together. Use a jaw crusher to break up large chunks of hard material into manageable pieces. 

Then, to further shape and maximize the exposed area, run the pieces through a hammer mill. You can use the hammer mills by recyclers of glass, porcelain, light concrete, and another soft feedstock. As their primary crusher, streamlining their operation and saving money and time.

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