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In mines and ore processing plants, a jaw crusher is a sizable piece of machinery that is popular to use for smashing and crushing rocks. Eli Whitey Blake, an inventor who, created gear for crushing stone. He also introduced the apparatus back in 1858. Since that time, jaw crushers have been popular in the mining and recycling sectors. 

Such sectors involve the applications of crushing big materials. Today, crushers are commonly utilized in quarry and mining operations to crush the size of bigger materials. Also, they work best for small-size materials that often do not need a crushing stage. Frequently, for these applications, you can use jaw crushers, gyratory crushers, and cone crushers for mining harder rock.

Here, we have a list of many types of jaw crusher machines, their size, and their working. Let’s see what the different types of jaw crushers are there.

What Are the Three Types of Jaw Crushers?

The classification for the types of jaw crushers depends on the positioning swing jaw. There are single and double-jaw crushers as well. However, there are three main types of jaw crushers:

  1.     Dodge crusher: It has a swing jaw in the upper position.
  2.     Blake Crusher: It has a swing jaw in the lower position.
  3.     Universal crusher: The swing jaw is at an intermediate position. 

In 1858, Eli Whitney Blake was working on the patent for Blake crusher. Also, it is the most common type of jaw crusher you can use today. The Blake jaw crusher has a feed area that is fixed, which is a variable discharge area.

Moreover, Blake jaw crushers are available in various sizes that are appropriate to use for primary and secondary crushing applications. All these crushers are unique in their working which we are going to discuss further.

How Do Jaw Crushers Work?

For mineral and mining industries, Jaw crushers are a fundamental type of equipment. These tools enable engineers in the mining area to effectively and safely crush. It can also condense sizable chunks of hard material.

With the help of jaw crushers, companies can reduce operating costs along with minimization of downtime. Due to the long service lifetime of the product and durable design, a jaw crusher is your best option! If you’re looking for a machine that operates effectively and efficiently when crushing huge boulders, buy wholesale crushers from Jaw Crusher Machine Manufacturer

Jaw crusher machines reduce the heavy material size by implementing compressive force into smaller sizes. Moreover, this crusher equipment also converts the big rocks into easier-to-handle fragments. 

It features two crushing jaws, one of which is stationary and the other mobile. Both of which provide mechanical pressure to the materials you need to crush. During the process, you can dump these materials into the crushing chamber. It has two vertical crushing jaws and resembles a V shape. 

Moreover, it got its name from the way that the hole initially widens before narrowing and forming a V to receive the crushed materials.


Jaw crushers work best in a number of ways, and they are perfect for reducing the size of big rocks in mining and mineral industrial applications. There are three types of jaw crushers available which you can also buy through UGURMAK. 

Our wholesale suppliers offer affordable rates and high-quality equipment around the world. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of UGURMAK’s team of industry experts if you need any more information on crushers.

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