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Have you yet to buy or lease crushing equipment but need to process minerals, sand, gravel, stones, rock, or other products? There is no doubt that you need to engage with a knowledgeable and expert Stone crusher machine manufacturer or supplier. This is to help you buy, rent, and install the best new crushers.

In this blog article, we are going to discuss the four main types of stone crushers. Also, we will talk about the stages of crushing as well. 

Rock crushing stages: Crushing Stations

In order to complete the necessary material reduction tasks. It is typical to use numerous crusher types within a project and set them up as stations in a circuit configuration. Moreover, it is a common practice to place primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stations. 

This is for the shape, size, and consistency of the rock to the appropriate levels. Naturally, not every project needs each station or stage. Primary crushing by itself could occasionally provide adequate reduction for your needs.

Primary Crushing

After removing the stones from a mine site, or in the instance of producing secondhand asphalt, you have to transport it by truck to the processing plant. Now, primary crushing reduces the material to a size and shape. This becomes easy to handle by the secondary crusher.

Subsequent Crushing

Reduction ratios have a critical role in secondary crushing. You may establish how much reduction is necessary at this stage. This is by knowing how fine you need your ultimate output to be and the feed specifications of your tertiary or final reduction crushing station.

Quaternary, Final, And Tertiary Reduction Crushing

To size and shape rock or other material into a usable product is the aim of the tertiary (third), quaternary (fourth), or final reduction step of the crushing process. Once more, the ideal crusher designs for different phases may overlap.

The Crushers You Need Will Depend on The Type of Rock

The most popular raw materials in use today in the building industry. They are probably sandstone, gravel, limestone, and granite. However, these rocks have quite varying hardness and harsh properties.

The varieties of rock crushers you’ll need to incorporate will depend on the type of rock you want to work with on processing. In your crushing circuit and your operation, this matters a lot. 


The easier it is to find the ideal equipment to complete your project objectives, the more you will know about the type of rock. That you wish to crush and what its main purpose will be.

How Many Different Types of Rock Crushers Exist?

Depending on what the inquirer wants to know about rock, sand, gravel, or mineral processing. You can answer the question “how many types of rock crushers are there?” in a variety of ways.

If you’re deicing about putting up stations throughout an entire rock-crushing plant, the answer might be three to four. 

These were the rock crushers that we previously discussed: primary, secondary, tertiary/quaternary, and final reduction.

Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers are frequently useful in the main rock-crushing circuit stage as they are more blunt tools than cone crushers when it comes to compression crushing.

The term “rock breakers” also refers to jaw crushers, which are effective in reducing huge, difficult materials into more manageable fragments. Unlike impact-style rock crushers, they don’t show as much wear and tear and work effectively with a variety of materials. 

Although the end product with this kind of rock crusher almost always requires secondary crushing. Also, they produce very little fine materials and dust.

Gyratory Crushers

Gyratory crushers break down material by compression through a process known as eccentric movement. They have a conical head and concave surface, which typically has a coating with manganese steel. 

Gyratory crushers are useful in primary crushing stations. This is much like jaw crushers, though they are also useful as secondary crushers on occasion.

Cone Crushers

Cone crushers function by compression, which means they reduce materials by compressing them until they break apart. This is just like jaw and gyratory crushers do.

Rock crushers that use impact technology include the HSI and VSI machines. This is more on those in a moment. 

Similar to gyratory crushers, cone crushers consist of a revolving mantle in a concave bowl. It has a lining with manganese, but the cone crushers’ crushing chamber has no sharp lining.

Vertical shaft impactors (VSI) and horizontal shaft impactors (HSI) are two types of impact crushers. They work best with less abrasive rock types, such as limestone.

The material gets broken down apart by these machines using the impacting forces of certain wear components. It is known as blow bars and impact plates or toggles.

Additionally, some enterprises utilize impact-style crushers after first using a different kind of rock crusher that results in longer stones. By doing so, it further shapes the crushed material into a fine and more cubical consistency.

Stationary vs. Portable Crushing Plants

You can select between stationary or portable/modular crusher plants. This depends on the size of your project and how mobile your crushing equipment must be.

Because they offer a higher capacity and efficiency and require less maintenance, they have cheaper production costs, and people have preferred stationary plants for a long time now. 

Additionally, if you have access to on-site electricity, they have a lower energy cost. Also, no special equipment is necessary to carry them from one location to another.

However, the tides are starting to turn, and mobile equipment is advancing technologically to the point. This is where it might someday be able to take the place of stationary plants.


UGURMAK possesses the crushers that you require for your operation! Do you still have concerns regarding crushers or any other elements of the handling and processing of aggregate?

At UGURMAK, we provide the highest-performing crushing machinery that will work tirelessly to generate any finished goods you intend to produce. 

Get in touch with us right away to see how we can create a crushing circuit that is tailored to your needs or integrate a new rock crusher into your current setup.

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