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Are you looking for something simple that can reduce giant boulders to tiny stones? Crushing hard stones is quite difficult. Any construction firm using a lot of stone can start a new side company with the help of some heavy machinery. 

However, the usage of recycled crushed stone is widespread. It is common with applications ranging from landscaping to highway construction. Are you sick of transporting mountains of useless stone to the landfill? 

It could be time to think about making money for you and your company from those piles. Due to its diverse applications, crushed stone is in high demand. Different sectors have various requirements for the crushing of stone. It also depends on its size and nature. 

These can include the smooth stone that is useful as the top layer of driveways or the road base in paving operations. But crushing these stones needs heavy machinery to grind them. In this blog article, we are going to discuss how to reduce the size of tiny rocks.

How To Reduce the Size of Enormous Boulders to Tiny Rocks?

You will first need a stable supply of big rocks to smash stone. There may already be plenty at your employment site if you’re lucky. There are examples of typical rocks are caliche, limestone, and granite. 

A hydraulic breaker mounted on an excavator can roughly break up small batches of soft rocks like sandstone and caliche. On the other hand, granite and basalt need more crushing force since they are tougher than other types of rocks. 

For this task, you will need a small jaw crusher for effective crushing. Consider purchasing a larger mobile jaw crusher if your goal is to smash natural stone because they will provide you with much more crushing force to break down that tough rock.

What Kinds of Stones Are Crushable?

The ‘harnesses’ of stones vary, i.e., some stones are harder than others. Just consider how strong a diamond is! Since hard rocks like granite have a stronger structure and are tougher to break up! Hard rock is excellent for construction materials as it is so durable. 

In addition, when it comes to crushing, this implies that much more energy and power is necessary to break them down. Sandstone and limestone are two types of soft stone that break down more readily.

A decent rule of thumb is to assume a rock is hard if you believe it to be stronger or harder than concrete and if your fingernail can readily chip away at it.

What Uses Are There for Crushed Stone?

Crushed stone has a wide range of applications and is a great method to recycle extra rock waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Crushed stone is in high demand across a wide range of industries and is a favorite among contractors. 

Here are some applications for crushed stone in the building and landscaping sectors:

  •         To level and sand the roadbed beneath the pavement
  •         Improve soil for better crop-growing conditions.
  •         To support pipes and drainage beds, use stone fill.
  •         Protect the roof and reduce the sun’s heat
  •         When constructing bridges, you need to prevent ice and water erosion.
  •         As a separating layer between dirt and concrete
  •         Decorative landscaping ideas

For this reason, Stone Crusher Machine Manufacturer 

What Is the Easiest Way To Crush Stone?

In mines and ore processing plants, a jaw crusher is a sizable piece of machinery used to crush rocks. The equipment was first introduced back in 1858 by inventor Eli Whitey Black who primarily developed machinery used for crushing stone. 

From there, jaw crushers have seen plenty of action in the pit and quarry industries. As well as in recycling processes where you need to reduce the large materials. Here, we’ll be discussing how jaw crushers work and what are the different types of jaw crushers used today. 

How Does Jaw Crusher Operate?

Using compressive force, jaw crushers reduce heavy materials into smaller, easier-to-handle fragments. It features two crushing jaws, one of which is stationary and the other mobile, and both of which provide mechanical pressure to the materials to be crushed. 

When you dump the materials into the crushing chamber, which is formed by the two vertical crushing jaws and resembles a V., It gets its name from the way that the hole initially widens before narrowing and forming a V to receive the crushed materials.

What Are the Different Types of Jaw Crushers?

Jaw crushers come in different shapes and sizes to fit different crushing needs. Some of the most common types of jaw crushers used today are:

  1.     Single-toggle jaw crushers
  2.     Double-toggle jaw crushers

There are several other jaw crushers, like bulldog jaw crushers and force-feed jaw crushers. But for reference, we’ll focus on the most prominent jaw crushers in the mining industry. 


Jaw crushers are fundamental pieces of machinery in every mining and mineral industry. These tools enable mine engineers to work safely and effectively. They can even condense sizable chunks of hard material effectively.

This is how your industrial projects can decrease operating costs and minimize downtime. This is because of the product’s long service life and robust design. A jaw crusher is your best option if you’re looking for a machine that operates more efficiently when crushing huge rocks.

If you’re looking for some good-quality jaw crushers, UGURMAK is the right place to connect! We are a Jaw Crusher Machine Manufacturer that’s affordable and quality-conscious, too! Alternatively, if you require any further information regarding crushers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of UGURMAK’s industry professionals.

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