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Stone Crusher Machines

Stone crushing machines are more popular these days than any type of equipment. There are several types of crushing machines, such as impact crushers, cone crushers, and jaw crushers. The main distinction depends on the type of crushing force present in them.

While a cone crusher utilizes rotating force to crush material against an interior surface, also, an impact crusher uses dynamic force to break down materials. The third type of crusher is the jaw crusher, which squeezes the materials between two plates. Moreover, it breaks down materials by using compressive force.

Purpose of Crushers

Using a quality crusher, we reduce the size of rocks, stones, and other materials. These crushers further crush down the material using impact force in impact crushers. They are typically to produce fine aggregate and smash soft materials.

Cone crushers crush materials using compression. In this type of crusher, we can crush the material by squeezing them in between a concave and an eccentrically revolving cone. Typically, you can use these crushers in secondary or tertiary crushing in the aggregate industry.

Difference between Impact Crusher and Jaw Crusher

1.    Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is very popular for industrial applications. It has a high production rate and performs well in terms of safety. The impact crusher has the ability to use full-size impact energy of the entire rotor. It has more power in comparison to hammer crushers. 

However, due to the fact that the crushing board is simple to use, it has a limited capacity for crushing hard materials. The impact crusher is frequently common to crush medium-hard chemical raw materials. Moreover, you can use it to reduce the size of limestone, calcium carbide, coal, quartz, iron pyrites, dolomite, gypsum, and limestone. 

Jaw Crushers

Some of the past versions of crushers were large stones that were commonly used by humans to replace the hammer rocks on an anvil. They used to transport the creation of products from this hammering action by packing animals or humans in sacks. 

In the past, mining tasks were incredibly lab-intensive, and the production or mining of products was expensive. The only tools available to break down ore were a sledgehammer, a drill bit, or a pickaxe. 

In mines and ore processing plants, a jaw crusher is a crushing equipment that you can use to smash rocks. Jaw crushers have been extensively and common utilized in the mining and recycling sectors. It requires the reduction of big materials. 

Also, Jaw crushers use a reciprocating motion to crush the material between a fixed jaw and a swing jaw. They are usually commonly used as primary crushers in a crushing circuit.


Each type of crusher has its own specific design and application, and each type can produce material of different sizes and shapes based on the characteristics of the material being processed. 

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